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Full Version: Create Your Blog!
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In this material you will learn step by step making a website.

I'll provide you 3 solutions for building a blog:

1. using

2. Identify further on the affiliated article directory by clicking using WordPress

3. using Joomla

1. Applying ( premiered in August 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan (Pyra Labs) and acquired by Google in February 2003. is among the most popular solutions for blogging.

To work with you must ma... My uncle discovered by browsing Bing.

Want to have your own personal website?

Within this material you will learn step-by-step how to make a weblog.

I'll provide you 3 options for creating a blog:

1. using

2. using WordPress

3. using Joomla

1. Using ( was launched in August 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan (Pyra Labs) and acquired by Google in February 2003. is among the most-popular solutions for blogging.

To utilize you need to make an account on the website. This really is easy, only fill a brief online form along with your username, name, email and password.

You will obtain access to dashboard, the spot from where you develop sites and control them. Click develop a new blog and select a name (should be unique) and a blog handle. I would suggest putting your keywords within the blog name and address.

After that only select a theme that you like and you have your blog.

Writer strengths:

Is free

Open source

Easy to use

Don t require a domain name or perhaps a web host

Writer weakness is the fact that you are able to loose the info from your own blog. So keep every post on your own hard-disk.

Case of websites build with Blogger:, a blog about internet advertising and a blog about interesting items.

2. Visit to learn why to think over this hypothesis. Using WordPress (

WordPress is posting computer software with a focus on straightforward of use, speed and an excellent user-experience.

Wp is a powerful personal publishing system, and it includes a good set of features designed to create your knowledge as a manager on the Internet as easy, satisfying and appealing as possible.

For using WordPress you'll want a domain name and hosting.

To find a good web-hosting service visit

Fantastico, WordPress, and click deploy, if your hosting service has the cpanel ap-plication installing WordPress is extremely easy: just go to cpanel. Just follow the data o-n the screen.

In the event that you dont have cpanel dont fear, download the equipment from You can find WordPress online manual on Visiting read about likely provides suggestions you might give to your aunt.

Follow the instruction and see the information, installation is straightforward.

Word-press strengths:

Is free

Easy to use


Minimal computer knowledge is demanded by weakness WordPress.

Case of sites create with WordPres: a blog about plasma tv guidance, recommendations, shopping information and a blog for unit fans.

3. Applying Joomla (

Joomla is a free, open source portal solution.

With Joomla you can build a portal and a weblog.

Joomla is recommended for a person who wants a lot more than a blog.

You must have a domain name and hosting in order to put in Joomla.

Adding Joomla is quite easy: just down load the package from, publish it on your own server and click install.

Follow the on screen directions you and is going to do fine.

Joomla strengths:

Is free

Open source

Simple to install

Builds a whole site, not really a website

Weakness of Joomla in the difficulty. It usually takes some time to understand how to use it.

Case of blogs develop with Joomla: a blog that provides great gifts and a blog about warm offers and kill deals.

Now it's up to you to find the s-olution that fits you best..
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